How you'll be making a difference

A personalised gift with a heartfelt note can make a huge impact for the people we work with, especially at Christmas time. Through our online store you can give everything from a personalised gift to a food voucher for one of the thousands of Londoners we support. We'll then take care of the rest, ensuring your gift goes straight to our clients across London.

If we raise enough money to provide our clients with personalised gifts and Christmas dinners any additional donations will be used to support more Londoners out of homelessness, for good.

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Simon's Story

When Simon was 21, he was forced out of his family home. With nowhere to go and his mental health at an all-time low, he had no option but to sleep on our city’s streets. 

We provided Simon with a safe and secure place to live, set world records and turn his passion for sport into a career.  

'I felt so lost when I arrived and my head was not in a good place. Having a job was the last thing on my mind but look at me now!'

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